About Madison Lakes Dental

Madison Lakes Dental is a relationship-based family dental care practice that focuses on the needs of the individual patient. The clinic (formerly known as Madison Lakes Dental) is located in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, on Medical Circle on the west side of town.

James Hill, DDS, and his dedicated team of dental professionals provide comprehensive dental care to get to the root of a patient’s condition. The focus of each patient treatment plan is not merely to treat the tooth, but to treat the underlying disease and prevent dental issues from coming back in the future.


In addition to routine preventive dental care, including exams and cleanings, patients can undergo a host of treatments for minor to complex situations. Madison Lakes Dental provides laser periodontal surgery, implant placement and restoration, cosmetic dentistry (such as veneers), and more. The team also helps diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD), myofascial pain, and sleep apnea, among other chronic conditions.

New patients and their families are always welcome at Madison Lakes Dental. With flexible scheduling available, patients can conveniently book all appointments online or by phone.

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